Development, Design, Engineering of OMC composite structures

As a processor of composite materials, right from design to the finished part, DJP offers its customers research & development services where product and process engineering go hand in hand.

Thanks to its expertise and technology, the team of engineers and technicians at DJP is involved in a number of competitive cluster research programs focusing on composites, some for the aerospace industry, with the development of engine parts and fittings, and some for the automotive industry, finding ways to reduce the structural weight of automobiles.
DJP’s engineers and technicians, through their close contact and teamwork with the production department, have gained a reputation for innovation and their ability to produce composite solutions quickly. 

Starting from your statement of needs, specifications or digital design files, our design office will perform an analysis of the composite part or structure, finite element calculations, material characterization (mechanical, physico-chemical and thermo-mechanical), creation of prototypes and tooling, validation testing and interpretation of tests results.

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