Machining, Modeling-Milling-Assembly of composite parts

DJP is able, in house, to completely process parts from the mold to fully functioning components, documented with all necessary quality documentation according to EN9100 and ISO 9001 and ready for delivery to the customer. 

The main activities in this area are:

       .    Modeling (creating part models, out of resin or aluminum),
       .    CNC-Milling of  resin or aluminum molds,
       .    Manufacturing of composite molds "out-of-" or "in-" autoclave,
       .    Machine-milling of finished composite-parts (carbon, glass or aramid),
       .    Fitting, rectification and assembly of mechanical and composite parts,
       .    Bonding

In addition, DJP can use a very special manufacturing technique incorporate a metal or ceramic surface to the composite molds produced. This type of surface treatment is used to improve the thermal diffusion of the composite molds and improve longevity.

DJP has four CNC-milling machines, the largest (4800x1500x1200mm) being a 5 axis CNC machine.

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ISO9001 EN9100

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