Manufacturing, Plasturgy of composite parts

DJP works in partnership with some of the biggest groups producing land and air transport vehicles for today and tomorrow, at the forefront of technology.

We produce OMC based components: we transform composites made from continuous fibers (carbon, glass, aramid…) and organic matrices (epoxy, bismaleïmide, phenolic…). Our numerous processes include:

        .        Wet-impregnation,
        .        Autoclave polymerization,
        .        Infusion,
        .        Low-pressure injection (RTM),
        .        Compression molding, etc...

We transform dry tow, 3D preforms and pre-impregnated material.

DJP’s facilities comprise a rooms under controlled atmosphere for prepreg lay-up certified ISO7 and are equipped with autoclaving capacity (diam. 2000 x L 4000) in addition to 2 curing ovens and a compression machine with heating platens (120t/450°C, 850x750 mm).  DJP is responsible for geometrical measurement and material inspection.


DJP also has the capability to apply ceramic or metallic treatments with superior adhesive characteristics (x3 compared to traditional surface post-treatments). These specialty coatings may be ceramic or metallic as requested, to withstand any specific environment.

Complete control of the entire production chain (models, molds, mandrels for hollow bodies, woven or non-woven preforms, polymerization, milling, drilling, production and reception testing) guarantees the quality of our fabrications.

DJP is certificated to ISO 9001 and EN9100 standards.

Our specialist resources and our availability to talk to our customers’ purchasing and engineering personnel are evidence of our responsiveness and the quality of our products.

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ISO9001 EN9100

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